Dignity Reusable Sanitary towels

At Mailwa Primary School Emotoroki village near Maili Tisa. We drove about 25 kilometers to get to the school. The girls werehaapytoseeus and giving back dignity and restoring valuator them because of whattheygo through. They miss school because of tneir menses or dig a hole and sit on it and let the soil soak in the blood and then they cover it up. They had never seen the reusable sanitary towels. When leaned and washed properly it can serve them for 2 years. We use good quality materials and cotton fabric to make them comfortable especially in the hot areas. We were able to supply 200 packs and panties to the girls. Thank you to all the partners who made it possible as we celebrate #internationalwomensday2021 Dignity Pads Project through @unvelinglory
@varsaniaruna of We Come Together Foundation and @saruorganics

The need is great and we need more packs to take to the interior villages.