Men End FGM

The Men when they came the first day they said FGM was a rite of passage for the girls and that is why they allowed it. When we had the Community visioning they had said it was a woman’s issue. We kept the conversation going and we said at the end of the day they would tell us what they thought.After seeing the video these were some of the reactions and others couldn’t stand it and walked out.The narrative changed and said they didn’t know what happened and now they knew they would not let their girls under go that.One man stood and said he has made a resolution before God and Men that he will never allow any girl from his family to undergo circumcision.We had a community dialogue and this are the conversations they want to go and have in their villages and barazaas.God is glorified in all these because it had been raining for the 2 days we have been here but their commitment to come learn and listen is just something else.Men are the Change Agents, Restoring Dignity to Women.