For children in the Maasai, school is more than just education. It’s a place of safety from danger and the pressures of hunger. It’s an opportunity to build a future out of poverty for their families. Many of the schools are ran by teachers who go beyond teaching topics like writing and reading. The staff serve as protectors, counselors and guides to students who must walk up to 25 miles from their homes through wilderness at the risk of predators. Many of these children don’t eat their first meal until they reach the school. Some of them are orphans and must stay at the schools because they have no home.

Unfortunately, we got some news that a few students are really struggling. Here is what Teacher Fred shared with us:

  1. A girl by the name of Esther Mayan was sent home due to a balance of 23’,000 ($180.00) because her father died last year through a road accident.
  2. Esther’s brother could not complete his semester at university because of the semester fees.
  3. Another student dropped out of school to look after his mother when his father died.
  4. Another boy had 275 out of 500 marks on his exams last year wants to repeat them so he can pass high school, but has no one to pay his $300 school fee to rejoin.
  5. Three young children dropped out because their families need their support to help pay for the family expenses. A whole year of primary school is $100 per student.
The good news is helping these kids stay in school is easy. If you find it in your heart to help these kids you can do so by donating directly to HIA through the methods below. You can also support our Mentorship Program by purchasing a ball for the school at $30.

Support the future of the Maasai children.
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