We had a great transformative and engaging time with the youth in the Maasai. The first day was a bit slow, and we started out an hour later as the day progressed. The number of participants kept increasing for the three days. We had youth from fifteen churches attend the conference. 

Our theme was Transformed Lives – Romans 12:2

Topics covered:

  • Living a transformed life
  • Drug abuse and alcoholism
  • Character development
  • Career guidance
  • Identity

The young group was very engaged and hungry for the word. We did a group discussion session, then they would present what they learned for that day.  It was great feedback for the trainers to find out if the message was well received. 

The team of trainers had good synergy and flexibility as the days unfolded.  One of our highlights for the youth is that they adhered to the times given for breaks, and they would be seated before time was up. 

Forming the groups built teamwork among them. The scoreboard was another highlight of the conference as it was entertaining to see them active. 

The love they have for the things and identity in God was amazing. They had revivals in the evenings where parents were coming for the service and the youth would share what they learned during the day.

We had a really fun sports day with balls that we handed over to the churches. It’s good evangelism and discipleship tool and we hope to have many more during the major holidays. Now that they have a ball, the people formed teams in their churches and can have tournaments. 

Sharing their experiences and concerns, having someone to listen is a major thing for them and they were grateful. The advice and guidance given to see things from a different perspective was eye-opening. As we read and follow God’s word, we shall not be lost.

They are destined for the glory of God.

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