Programs to provide skills and income for financial independence.


Empower women with tailoring skills. The training period lasts a full year. Upon completion, they are provided a sewing machine and small seed capital to start their business. The ladies will be taught to create items like bags and African fabric dresses.

Donors may adopt a woman or girl for a tailoring course at 40$ per month.


The Hami Imani Team creates authentic glass bead bracelets to be sold both locally and abroad. Selling the jewelry provides proceeds from sales to help raise funds that support of the work of our organization. For every bracelet sold, 50% of the proceeds go back into our programs and projects.



Female genital mutilation, or FGM, is internationally recognized as a violation of human rights. Yet over 200 million girls worldwide are at risk of undergoing this harmful practice every year, many of them under the age of 15. There are 4 different types of FGM that occur. It’s a cultural practice that happens however it goes against human rights. Its an infringement of rights on the girls and women. We work closely with the church and administration in training the dangers and health risks of FGM.

We have had 9 Trainings between 2021 -2022 in the Masaai area in Kajiado County. We have been able to rescue girls 60 of them to a safe house in a school and raised ambassadors in the different villages to be able to keep the dialogue going. We had about 5,000 people who have attended the trainings and men are amplifying the voice to be Change Agents in the community.


We are a group of pro-life leaders with many years of knowledge and leadership experience in the sanctity of human life mission field with a passion to see lives saved and hearts won to Christ who are using technology to share that knowledge and experience with Church leaders globally. The global abortion holocaust presents a world-wide opportunity to – through the Church – save millions of lives and bring countless numbers of hurting women and men to Christ.

The outcome we seek is babies saved from death by abortion, lives healed from past abortions and the lost won to Christ. By coming alongside, the Church, equipping her and encouraging her to lead on the issue of the Sanctity of Human Life, we engage the most pervasive, powerful, influential God anointed institution on Earth.


There is a critical need to raise up and equip leaders to disciple in ways that they can multiply through discipleship. Basic mentorship programs / workshops are offered in camp setting engaging youth from different churches. Throughout the training, participants learn to share the Gospel through dynamic storytelling – directly from the Bible. Every participant can expect to learn new skills from these workshops

  • Teaching skills that bring the stories of the Bible to life
  • Fun, interactive ways to hear, learn and retell God’s Word to include: games, music, art & drama
  • Proven ways to facilitate discussions that provide a place where the Holy Spirit can penetrate their hearts.

How to create environments where the youth can share and interact through games or sports, and become active participants in God’s redemptive story instead of just distant observers


A women’s program where older or mature women teach the younger women and help them grow and mature in the things of God. This discipleship tool holds women other accountable to growing in their knowledge of the word and prayer. The principle is in the bible in the book of Titus 2:3-5.

The things we learn, we share with each other and use a slogan that we are to be a pipe and not a bucket.

A program for women where we share, impact, encourage each other and being a support system. We pray and receive inner healing for issues we have gone through. We grow by learning and building each other and experiencing transformation. Becoming a beacon of hope to other women.


Dale Burke’s unique and powerful book Less Is More Leadership now in a trade binding is easier to keep on hand. Burke reveals how to work smarter and more efficiently to garner success that far exceeds results of the “work harder and longer” tactics.

Readers will gain knowledge of eight key disciplines based on Christ’s leadership style, including:

  • Spirituality–the Power of Convictions
  • Humility–the Power of Servant-leadership
  • Imagination–the Power of Vision
  • Mobilization–the Power of Letting Go
  • Innovation–the Power of Creativity


Business and ministry professionals, lay leaders, churches, schools, and anyone looking to transform their work, home, and life with the power of a new way of thinking will be empowered by these principles.



An education fund shall be established to sponsor education for needy children from rural communities. A percentage from the sales of the crafts will be channeled through to the fund, as well as donations from Partners and well-wishers.

Adopt and keep a child in school for 45$ per month.

Osewan ECD School – 80 students

We come along side schools to help in short term projects that would help them in their curriculum and getting exposure through raising funds to get a gadget called RACHEL – [Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning} it’s a portable, battery powered device which contains educational resources for different classes. It helps especially for the marginalized communities where they would be limited to get information and technology for it does not run on internet.

We have distributed 2 devices to Zion Baptist Church and Ololarroi primary school.

Equipping some schools with beds to have a boarding facility which also acts as a safe haven especially for girls who have been rescued from FGM.

School Feeding Program especially during the drought season.


School attendance is paramount to a young girl’s success in school. The Sanitary Towels project opens doors for Hami Imani to mentor young girls and boys share the gospel, instill values and talk about issues affecting them in rural areas while distributing towels to the girls.

The Reusable Sanitary Project has had a great impact in the number of girls staying in school, Reduced numbers in Teen Pregnancies and early marriages.

Providing Sanitary Towels and personal hygiene teaching gives these young women a sense of dignity and value in the eyes of God. Without the shame of being isolated during menstruation, these young girls can embrace their menstrual cycle as a normal part of womanhood.

Just 10 dollars a month provides one girl with enough sanitary towels to enable her to remain in school.


We have partnered with ministry partners to help the Maasai community and other families in need of food during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hami Imani arranges to have food packages distributed to areas with the greatest need. Food insecurity is increasing daily because of the pro longed drought season in Kenya. Large families are especially struggling to obtain adequate food supplies because they are no longer permitted to sell their cows to purchase food.

We also do get other smaller needs from individuals and we come along side to help them at their time of need.

 All of our projects rely on prayer, faith in God that he will provide through his people generosity and His healing touch to restore the women and girl’s belief in God, in themselves and humanity. Believing and knowing they are fearfully and wonderfully made in the likeness and the image of God is the foundation for wholeness. Isaiah 61: 1-5