Our two day One Degree Off Training in Bartimaro at the In sung Baptist Church got off to a challenging start. We got stuck in the rain and had to make a decision to walk to the church which was one hour away. The setback could have discouraged us but there was a verse from scripture that kept us going: Jeremiah 1:19 – “They will try, but they will fail. For I am with you, and I will take care of you. I, the LORD, have spoken!”

We had about thirty pastors join the event in the church. They gave a resounding “Yes” that they have been doing discipleship all wrong. Then we got to a moment of repentance.

One pastor couldn’t sleep at night thinking about what we had discussed on the first day. He invited another pastor to come with him the next day.

The question I asked them was, “After preparing a message to share on Sunday, does it minister to you first or do you prepare it for the people?”

We looked at the story of Elisha, Gehazi and Namaan from 2Kings 5:1-27.

  • What kind of men were they and did they have a Cat or a Dog attitude?
Self centeredness has become so rampant in our Christian walk.
  • What are your actions ?
  • What kind of fruits are you bearing?
  • What is your testimony?

The training brought many people to repentance and better understanding how the Gospel should minister to people.

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