We Faced Warfare Even Before We Left For The Mission

In our last mission of the year at Lumbwa Canaan, we faced warfare even before we left for the mission. We tried to get solutions as quickly as we could in the middle of the night. Our car hire cancelled on us when it was the time to pick up the vehicle. We had never used them before, being that it was a long holiday. Most cars were out from our usual vendor. For a moment, I thought, do I cancel the mission or what? Being that six of us were to travel and there were 100 people waiting for us, I decided we better get a plan to get there. The two friends who came through for us, at 11pm in the night, used their vehicles to carry luggage and to carry people. We dropped one car at 1am, the other team was picked up, and we headed home.

I barely slept when the alarm goes off, we load the car, and off we start the journey at 6am. The rains pour heavily like never before, and it hasn’t rained for the longest time in the Masaai.

First day we get 150 people, 2nd day 300, 3rd day 350 show up, and on the 4th day 450 appear for a total of 1,250 people served. We now understand the high warfare we faced for us not to get there. God was glorified above all, and lives transformed. The mission field is never easy, and we have made it through by the mercies and grace of God. We would have chosen to stay. However, walking in obedience to the call is a sacrifice we had to make over and over again. We made it through by the help of God. It’s not easy, but just show up and God will bring the people he wants. We would have missed out on speaking a word of hope, healing , and encouragement that will help them shift their lives if we had not persevered with transportation.

When I look back, it’s the faithfulness of God that has shown up over and over again. To our partners, supporters, family, and friends, we couldn’t have done without you. God bless each and every one of you.

Prayers ,encouragement, and financial support have made it possible to make an impact and transform lives in Masaai land.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Ashe Oleng

Asante Sana

Love Team Hami 💜

Psalms 46:5 God is within her, she will not fall. He will help her  at the break of dawn.

Stronger, better, and great in 2023.