Trust the Process

God is all powerful and All Mighty and He changes not.

This past two weeks have been overwhelming in a good way. There is the famous swahili song Unafanya mambo ambayo Mwanadamu hawezi Kufanya , Haufananishwi na Kitu Chochote” looking back at my life and the process. I would definitely have given up on me. When I look at myself and the world view there was practically everything wrong with me. I didn’t look the part, talk the part or even have the eloquence or wardrobe to fit any part.

I love God and that’s what I held on to and I was almost being labeled a fanatic because I would look for Him everywhere and anywhere. I think at some point when I had my son I was almost depressed but no one knew God pulled me through and tears is all I knew. If pillows and walls would talk they have tales to tell.

I look back at the process ,its nit over its a journey and I was weary ,tired and wondering when Lord will I ever catch a break to just breathe just for a moment.

I appreciate the process albeit a painful one and now I can stand and speak and count it all Joy and still even in the darkest of days I had gratitude even when I didn’t understand what I was thankful for. God is Faithful.

He loves us just as we are. In our foolishness and blankness he understands you perfectly.

I can now be a voice for the girls and the women. I can be everything that God called me to be and more.

Above all He knew me before he put me in my Mother’s womb. He is the author and finisher of our Faith. He who begun a good work in me is faithful to complete it.