The Fruit of the Spirit

We had about thirty pastors join the event in the church. They gave a resounding “Yes” that they have been doing discipleship all wrong. Then we got to a moment of repentance.

Gratitude and Thanksgiving

HAMI IMANI AFRICA celebrates 3 years! The people came despite the rains, and we had a room of about 80 guests celebrating and worshipping in gratitude. We shared the vision of our journey and future hope for HIA.

They See the School as Their Rescue

For children in the Maasai, school is more than just education. It’s a place of safety from danger and the pressures of hunger. It’s an opportunity to build a future out of poverty for their families.

Restore Dignity and Value to Women


Most girls and women familiar with FGM say they would like to see it end, but there is social and cultural pressure to continue the practice.

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step

Hami Imani Africa will turn three years old in April of 2023. What started out as a heartache and dream to help the most marginalized and forgotten people in Kenya is becoming a continuous blessing for all involved. Our cup runs over with God’s grace and our hearts are full of gratitude.

We Hit Some Milestones!

As we close down 2022, we are grateful to God for how far we have come in our mission. Despite some challenges in the field, we have grown.

Spiritual Battle at Eluanata Village

It’s always a traumatic experience where they feel what they underwent and wouldn’t want their little girls to go through it. Keep praying and supporting this great cause because its first more of a spiritual battle than anything.