Sustainable Programs & Training

All the above are founded in Prayer, Healing and Faith in God. Restoring their belief in God, in themselves and humanity. Believing and knowing they are fearfully and wonderfully made in the likeness and the image of God. Isaiah 61: 1-5


Empower woman with tailoring skills. They will go through the Training for a period of 1 year. Upon Completion we shall provide them with a sewing machine and a small seed capital to start their business for the betterment of their families. The ladies will be empowered in the making of items such as: Bags and dresses made using African fabrics. Adopt a woman or girl for a tailoring course at 30$ per month.


LIFE International has established a global ministry footprint through partnerships with diverse networks of global leaders, many of whom live in regions hostile to both life and the gospel. These leaders, who are actively involved in witnessing about Christ within their regions and nations, are often hungry for partnership.  As we pursue the expansion of God’s Kingdom in collaboration with like-minded Christian leaders, the infinite value of God’s image in all people is proclaimed throughout communities and nations worldwide. As a result, preborn children are saved from abortion, women and men receive healing from past abortions, and lives are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Leaders need resources that make plain the life-giving good news of the gospel. Women and men need education to reveal the truth about life in the womb. Communities need hope as human life is devalued and diminished.


A project where women will make jewelry that we sell to be able to raise funds to support the ministry work and also create employment.


There is a critical need to raise up and equip leaders to disciple children in ways that work best for them. Basic KIDStory workshops are offered globally and throughout the United States. Throughout the training, participants learn to share the Gospel with children through dynamic storytelling – directly from the Bible. At these workshops every participant can expect to learn:

  • Teaching skills that bring the stories of the Bible to life
  • Fun, interactive ways to hear, learn and retell God’s Word to include: games, music, art & drama
  • Proven ways to facilitate discussions that provide a place where the Holy Spirit can penetrate children’s hearts rather than giving pat, predictable answers
  • How to create KIDStory Club environments where children become active participants in God’s redemptive story instead of just distant observers

Titus to Women

A women’s program where older or mature women teach others and help others grow in the things of God. It’s a discipleship tool where we hold each other accountable in growing in the Word and Prayer.
The things we learn, we share with each other and use a slogan that we are to be a pipe and not a bucket. When we share and learn we grow together


An education fund shall be established to sponsor education for needy children from rural communities. A percentage from the sales of the crafts will be channeled through to the fund, as well as donations from Partners and well-wishers.
Adopt and keep a child in school for 45$ per month.


It’s a high valued commodity to keep a girl in school. We have been using this project to share the gospel in the rural areas. We preach the word of God and then distribute the towels to the girls.
We would like to keep the girl dignified so that she knows she matters in the eyes of God, and to keep raising awareness and letting them know it’s nothing to be ashamed of and embrace it as part of their womanhood.
Donations for a girl per month at 3$.