HAMI IMANI AFRICA (HIA) is a dedicated to uplift emotionally vulnerable and oppressed women, girls, and the broader community. We support them on a journey of inner healing to overcome their past traumas and foster purposeful lives through our programs.

HIA programs facilitate opportunities for women and the community to cultivate valuable economic assets, which in turn create pathways for positive transformation and financial stability. Our approach involves establishing sustainable projects that equip women and the community with essential life skills, empowering them to achieve self-sufficiency in their livelihoods.

Our goal is to provide 5,000 women and community members with comprehensive life skills training annually, leading to a 25% increase in the establishment of sustainable projects within the community. By 2025, we aim to witness a 30% rise in the number of families achieving financial stability through our programs.

Empowered women and communities through holistic life skills training, fostering resilience and sustainable livelihoods to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty.

HIA provides comprehensive training and support services to women, girls, and the community, fostering socio-economic empowerment through biblical guidance, life skills training, and advocacy. Our aim is to equip individuals with the necessary tools to achieve self-sufficiency and holistic well-being.

We commit to demonstrating responsible stewardship of the resources entrusted to our ministry, utilizing them faithfully to accomplish our organizational objectives.

The Word of God and prayer form the bedrock of our ministry, providing guidance for our actions and the realization of our vision.

We prioritize the consistent alignment of our actions with our values, ensuring that we remain true to ourselves and our mission.

Upholding the principle of treating others as we would wish to be treated, we foster an environment of mutual respect at all times.

Nurturing a supportive atmosphere, we encourage collaboration and unity within our team, striving collectively to achieve our shared goals.

We uphold unwavering honesty and ethical conduct in all our endeavors, ensuring that integrity remains the cornerstone of our operations and interactions.



In Kenya, a critical issue exists among its female population, particularly in rural areas. Among the estimated 26 million women, a substantial 70% struggle to access sustainable income sources and face significant barriers to education. The primary contributing factors to these problems include:

These factors have grave consequences, contributing to soaring illiteracy rates and under-education among women and children in Kenya. The resulting impact includes diminished economic opportunities and limited societal contributions, further entrenching cycles of poverty and disadvantage.

HIA recognizes the urgency of addressing these challenges and aims to break the cycle of illiteracy and poverty.