We had a seven day youth conference at Zion Baptist Church

The first day, we sat down and had a conversation about:

🔸️Peer Pressure
🔸️Healthy Relationships & Discipleship
🔸️Biblical Sexuality and Reproductive Health
🔸️One Degree Off

The youth opened up and had solutions from the seeds we sowed in them in January. They are pointing their parents to the word of God and they are willing to stand up for their sisters.

On my last day I met a young lady aged 17

It was hard not to notice Wambui. She was active in her group and was very articulate. We found ourselves engaging in small talk with her and learned that she was from a broken home.

Her parents were separated and she was moved by her mother to Kajiado at the tender age of 13, separating her from her older siblings to start a new life. Adapting was not easy but a must.

What struck me was composed she was in spite of her struggles and had poise and a determination to make it no matter what. She couldn’t quite tell us what her Mother does for a living and we could sense it broke her heart when we saw the tears welling in her eyes but she held her head high.

In that moment I was grateful that The Lord had privileged me to be a part of this young girls story. Things may be rough for her but my prayer is that the sessions we had may shape and inspire her to dream beyond her current state. This is just one story of many girls in the Maasai and we want to create safe spaces for them.

The culture changes through the Word of God

When the word of God is introduced anywhere in its authenticity, lives can never be the same.

In this community sex is no longer sacred or treated as something special. They had a skewed outlook towards sex. We taught them to look at it from a biblical perspective and it was an aha moment. They have been raised in polygamous homes.

In our discussions we realized that as the Word was introduced, it began to challenge cultural beliefs that have been normalized which may not necessarily be healthy. They long to see the change in the Masaai community.

Hopefully as we continue towards the youth engagement in December 2023, these young minds would eventually make better choices moving forward. A changed generation for the greater good of the community.

We finished off with the Youth Tournament on Sunday

We sponsored the girls volley ball team and event in collaboration with local groups. If they don’t come to you, then go to where they are to win a soul for the Kingdom.